Well, if you are looking for a website to get hooked on some live, raw and real adult action, then you need nothing else but Chaturbate. Whether you squirt or jerk, this amateur content lives cam platform will become yours forever. Check out our Chaturbate review 2022 to know all about it. Explore the authentic and intense pleasure of tantalizing masturbation. 

If you’re an adult entertainer, it can be challenging to find a reliable and widespread platform that allows you to earn at a handsome pace. Not just that, but finding the right audience to expand your network is also something you might struggle with. 

On the other hand, there are viewers who can’t help but search millions of web pages just to get themselves moments of pleasure. Some live cam sites will ask their audience to buy the membership, and some might buffer as the internet has vanished from the planet. 

Luckily, there is a solution to it. Chaturbate is a live-cam website that holds the ability to satisfy all your kinks and fantasies. Whether straight or gay, a watcher or an undresser, the platform welcomes you with open legs (If you know it, you know it!). It is a dreamland for people who want to experiment and explore a wide range of sexual pleasures

Your mind must be bombarded with questions of whats, whys and hows. But gladly, you need not go elsewhere. NudeSelling has got your back! Just like Chaturbate quenches your body’s lust, this article will solve all your queries related to Chaturbate.

Chaturbate Review: What is Chaturbate, and how does it work?

Chaturbate Review

Chaturbate is a live adult content platform that allows adult performers and their fans to connect and even engage privately. The website lets viewers enjoy while the performers perform erotically on live cam. The name can be broken down into two major words, chat and masturbate. You will get to explore various tabs on the home page: Discover, Chat Rooms, Broadcast, Tags, Twitter and Swag (Chaturbate merchandise).

Adult artists are also offered tips in the form of tokens by their viewership and fans. The paid tokens are bought by viewers, who then offer them models per their own wishes. These adult artists go to lengths just to make the viewers’ hormones go crazy and get a hefty tip. 

Other than tipping the performers with the premium membership, they can get perks, such as getting a private room with the model. However, Chaturbate isn’t like any other adult media platform. It has an interface that allows the viewers to chat while they masturbate to live-streamed content from amateurs. 

Users get to interact with models and get their fantasies and kinks (BDSM, torture, etc.) fulfilled in exchange for a few tokens. The amazing interactive experience that Chaturbate delivers is another reason behind its popularity and success. 

Another thing worth noting is the diversity that the site provides. You can enjoy yourself in every possible way as the chat rooms are classified as Women, Men, Couple, Trans, Spy Shows and Following. If this does not get you excited, then god knows what will! 

Though mostly, the platform is free and does not charge you anything to roam about. But it is based on tipping, which can be done through tokens that you will have to buy for dollars. Tipping will encourage the models to do as asked. And if you like privacy, you can purchase a pass that enables you to engage in private shows. 

The platform is among the best, and the above-mentioned reasons are what make it so. It has a Twitter page with a mass following of 640.9K Followers. Indeed there are some better sites, but with no charges and its interactive interface, Chaturbate supersedes them all. 

Chaturbate Review: Is Chaturbate the Right Place for You?

Overall, Chaturbate is an excellent platform for adult performers and sexual content viewers. If you are into watching amateur content and models, then this is the right place for you. Though the browsers are stuffed with porn and adult websites, if you want a live experience, then Chaturbate is definitely worth a shot. 


It also provides an interface that is very user-friendly and lets you connect easily. You can be very straight and enjoy on Chaturbate, or even have any sexual orientation and still be satisfied enough to shed your load. People who are not confident enough to display their attraction in the real world can try themselves here. 

But as a user, you must note that the site only allows people above 18 to access its content. Other than that, if you are a performer and do live cams, there might be chances of content copying and recording. So be very careful and alert while you perform. It is a safe platform to bust your nuts or squirt as a viewer.

Live User Experience at Chaturbate: How will You Get to Enjoy Your Sex Show?

First Step: As soon as you visit the webpage of Chaturbate, you will first have to accept the 18+ condition. You can log in or sign up to get your personal user account. The site will only process the Live shows so that you can chat while your hands engage in the pleasurable act of masturbation

Tabs and Sections: You can first see the Discover tab, which provides you with models that are high in demand and have a significant fan following. The same thing can also be explored under the Chat Rooms tab. The third tab is the Broadcast Yourself tab, which is very much self-explanatory. It allows the visitors to become performers and earn an income through tipping. Tags are the next tab and, assumably, the most helpful one. 

Tags: Tags are important because they are the ones that bring in diversity. Each individual will have their preference when it comes to triggering your hormones and making you cum. Some prefer dominance, whereas some go with submission, while few would be interested in couples and threesomes, whereas others might jerk off to single performers. Big boobs, curvy body, roleplay, clean-shaven, BBC and whatnot. You name it, Chaturbute has it, which is great because to each his own. That is why the site is loved globally. 

Discover the Best: Okay, coming back to the virtual experience. You will see the discover tab opened up on your screen, under which you will have a featured section. This first category will have some of the hot-selling models from all categories. You can later switch to other types, which would be Women, Men, Couples and Transgender. If a model has an exceptional body and assets which make you want to rip off their clothes, then you can also follow them, and for greater ease, there is also a tab to track all the models you choose to follow. 

The Sex Show: No matter which tab you go to, you will see a number of windows or cells, each with tiny sneak peeks of the sex show being performed. From the wide variety of hot bodies, you can choose the one that entices you the most. This will take you to the chosen model’s live cam performance. 

You will have the model’s name on the top, and just below it will be the live cam video of the model. Besides the performance, there will be a chat box highlighting the tips received and chats made by the viewers. Below that, you will be able to have a look at bio, Pics and videos, contest stats, and access more rooms like this.

Chaturbate Pricing: Is Chaturbate a Rich-People Business?

You can surf the entire platform, have a cam chat and view the sexy moves on full screen for no cost at all. But when it comes to tipping and making the models do what you want them to, then this will require tokens. The following list specifies how much a bundle of tokens is supposed to cost.

50 Tokens5.99 USD
100 Tokens10.99 USD
200 Tokens20.99 USD
400 Tokens39.99 USD
550 Tokens49.99 USD

This live-sex action website also offers a premium membership that users can take advantage of. Now you might wonder what is granted under this chargeable service. Well, here is all that it offers other than sensual pleasure:

  • A clean and ad-free interface
  • Customize chat font and get different color options
  • Indulge in private messaging and one-to-one shows
  • Tip anonymously with complete privacy
  • Get to animate room images as per your liking
  • Also, be ready for a one-time free bonus

Demerits of Chaturbate: Must Know Before Visiting!

Chaturbate is great, but it does have some demerits. Firstly, Chaturbate might appear free but not to a certain extent. 

Pay to get your way: You won’t have to pay even a penny to visit multiple models. But these models will have certain criteria, such as you will have to give them a number of tokes to undress, flash and other stuff. Now, this can be tackled if another person offers the tokens so that the entire group can enjoy it, which often happens as it is a live cam. 

Clarity is quality: At times, models won’t be very generous and eat a chunk of your time which might turn the viewers off, thus worsening your experience. The quality of the video can also be hampered depending on the internet availability of the performer and the viewer. 

Favs are just Favs: Though the site has a considerable number of performers most of the time, finding the ones you lust for can be a little challenging. You can always take the help of tags and search for similar models and stuff. Another part that might frustrate you is that most of the models have their videos and profile(photos) locked. So just to see their assets, you will have to pay a little (unless they are being displayed on livecam). 

Traditional is outdated: One thing to note is that it is not a dating website, so people looking for relationships or even hookups, for that matter, can try somewhere else. Also, if you want to explore your sexuality, then Chaturbate is always a good go-to option. 

Chaturbate: You must sign up to participate in the chat. Though the full functionality of the software is based on chat, this can be a little distracting and off-putting at times. As the chat feature is open to almost all, some people can be very annoying to the models as well as other viewers. But this is not an issue because you are allowed to maximize the performance screen, which would eliminate the chat box completely. 

Top FAQs on Chaturbate Review

What makes Chaturbate a top adult cam site?

Chaturbate is the only adult cam site online which has a huge database of cam models and viewers. Chaturbate is 100% amateur if the person is looking for amateur content. At Chaturbate, the person will find all kinds of cam models.

Who is Chaturbate for and not for?

Chaturbate is for people who are looking for virtual erotic adventures. Other people can also use Chaturbate if they want to meet and chat with sexy strangers online. But at the same, if you are looking for deep commitments and serious relationships, then you should avoid Chaturbate.

Can I try Chaturbate for free?

Chaturbate is the leading adult cam site; anyone can try its services for free. But the free version of Chaturbate does not allow you to send messages for free.

Is Chaturbate a legit cam site?

Yes ofcourse, Chaturbate is the legitimate cam site for people who are looking to watch live sexy cam models. Chaturbate is the only famous adult cam site where thousands of cam models are active on it. 

What makes Chaturbate different from Pornhub?

Pornhub is again the best cam site where the user will find traditional porn videos that are uploaded and can be watched anytime. On the other hand, Chaturbate is a popular cam site where users find live porn videos.

Final Verdict: Chaturbate Review – Is Chaturbate Legit?

Overall, Chaturbate is a superb platform for adult performers who need private space and viewers who prefer watching amateur action. Chaturbate is among the most visited and popular adult sites out there, so there is no doubt whether it is legit or not. With an international range, it is in action at all times, which gives it another advantage of availability. 

Premium membership is not compulsory, but it allows you to access some intense features. Tokens will help you expand your game and make you a more integral part of the entire Chaturbate experience. But even if you are not willing to, there is a lot to enjoy for free. It is also great for adult performers as they get their desired audience, and of course, it is good money. So overall, it is a must-visit