There are many Ad networks that advertisers can choose from, each of which promises to offer the best performance for their efforts, as well as easy-to-use marketing tools that can increase your company’s revenues. One such advertising is EroAdvertising, and we are once again here with an updated EroAdvertising Ad Network review. 

EroAdvertising Review

Some Facts Upfront

Started in2006
Commission type CPC, CPM, Adult 
Payment Frequency NET 7, Weekly
Minimum Payout10€
Payment MethodBankwire, Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal
Country Portugal-based 
Website URL
Contact Telephone: +31 (0)412 676 007
Email: [email protected]

What is EroAdvertising? – EroAdvertising Review in a Nutshell

EroAdvertising delivers quality ads to adult brands nationwide through a global network. Though we have a global network, we offer one platform that offers local expertise and support. EroAdvertising is known to offer innovative ad formats, such as adult and erotica, for its publishers to use on their websites to generate significantly higher revenues than any other ad network.

EroAdvertising Reviews

EroAdvertising is an adult ads network that specializes in adult media. It started out in 2006 and has grown tremendously into one of the most popular networks today. They offer customers multi-language support through its website, which can help companies that don’t have a Dutch storefront. EroAdvertising is the global leader in driving the success of the world’s leading adult brands through expertise and innovation in its online ad network. EroAdvertising offers one platform with local expertise and support across multiple markets.

Since its inception in 2006, it has its mission to give professional personal service and attention to all its Advertisers and Publisher clients. Also, they create, optimize and maintain the best Ad network in the Online Adult Industry. It serves in more than 200 countries around the world and helps you achieve your business goals.

What you can get from working with them is access to their experience, which they can provide at different rates. Whether it’s a flat fee, CPM or CPC, we can help you with the suitable suite of branding options that work for your business. It serves more than 40b- Geo-targeted ads and currently offers Banners, Native and Pops as ad formats. 

It is a leading adult advertising & publishing network that delivers the latest technology for its clients, from testing and optimizing multiple campaigns and boosting your revenue. The platform is now even more powerful than ever, with new updates that allow them to kick your campaigns into high gear. EroAdvertising can easily promote offers, rotate a slew of creatives, and use negative targeting to weed out sites that don’t perform well for our business. Their controllers ensure that the creatives load much faster on the websites and also work kind of like an anti-adblocker.

EroAdvertising offers an impressive line-up of desktop inventory that includes page-peel ads, instant messenger functions and redirects along with popular elements like interstitials and display banners. This network also provides a strong range of mobile ad options for publishers by targeting users on tablets and smartphones.

What are the Ad Types Provided by EroAdvertising? – EroAdvertising Reviews

For Dekstop

TextDisplay Banners
Pop AdsInstant Messenger Pop up
Page Peel AdsInterstitials
LayersIn Video  Plugin
RedirectsIP TV Redirects
Movie AdsThumb Ads
In-Text Ads

For Mobile

Movie AdsDisplay Banners
RedirectsLayer Ads
InterstitialsFull Page Ads

For IPTV/Console

Movie AdsDisplay Banners 
Pop AdsIM Pop Up

How to Integrate EroAdvertising into Your Website? 

There are many ways by which you can integrate EroAdvertising into your website. 

Step 1: First, head to the official Website.

Step 2: Scroll down where you can find the option to Register Yourself.

Step 3: Fill in all the details.

Step 4: After filling in the details, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Step 5: Sign in to the official website with your username and password as filled in.

Step 6: After Signing in, you will find the Add New Website Box.

Step 7: A new form will appear when you click on it

Step 8: Then verify ownership of the website.

Step 9: Get the code and paste it onto your website.

Step 10: And that’s all! EroAdvertising is live on your website.

Campaigns on EroAdvertising 

You get the general campaign types like: 

CPM Campaigns: It’s where you can buy your spot directly from the publisher. You can go to the Marketplace tab and search for the website you want, or you can also simply select a specific AdZone in order to buy traffic directly on your stats. 

RON campaigns: Its where your ads will be displayed on all of the network’s websites.

Flat rate: That’s where you pay a fixed fee for a space on your website for a particular given time. 

But remember that you are paying for something that can have unstable performances over time. 

How to Create a Campaign on EroAdvertising?

Creating a campaign on EroAdvertising is easy. You just have to select the type you require and follow the instructions. 

Campaign on Ero-Advertising

I would recommend you to use the ‘Advanced‘ mode, which will allow you to better adjust and target the audience. 

You can also categorize your campaigns by regions etc. This tool also keeps your inventory organized and transparent, which makes it easy for you when you need to analyze it. 

Once you create it, you can locate your campaign on the list as shown below:

So as you can see, the buttons on the right side of the name are the ones you require before running in the following order:

Activate / Edit / Add ad / Duplicate /Delete

Then the targeting options would be displayed when you create your campaign. You can edit as well using the Edit Tab. 


Run Of Network Campaign

Next, in our EroAdvertising review, we will see what the targeting options you get with this tool are. 

You won’t find any innovative or complex tools here. This means that your campaign will be straightforward to understand, which is a positive feature of this website.

With EroAdvertising, you get the following targeting choices: 

Ranking Type

After you select the traffic source you wanna go, there are 4 available traffic types on EroAdvertising:

  • Bikini Style
  • Extreme
  • Hardcore
  • Softcore

You can pick any type of traffic. If you go with Hardcore, you’ll get traffic from all Hardcore and Extreme sources. 

Frequency Capping – from 1:2 days up to no capping

Payment Type – You can choose from SmartCPM and CPC

Dayparting – add the time periods and the days of the week in which you want your ad to be displayed

Daily Budget – Always handy for you to set this!

Country – Well, you know what to put in here!

Regions – Choose the reason you want. 

Traffic type – Web or mobile

Operating System – You can choose from the most popular and most important operating systems – Android and iOS.

Browser Languages – Just select the language of the specific browser.

Adzone Feature 

Well, this is the latest addition to the list of features offered by EroAdvertising. 

With this feature, you can select the traffic quality you require. You can choose from low, medium, good or premium. Some extra filters are also there if you need them. 

One of the most crucial things for a media buyer is choosing the right carrier targeting. With Ero – ads, you can target your campaign by the operator (Wi-Fi or 3G).

The website and browser languages and both practical features. For Example, you can choose to display your ads to French users only. It might be recommended to try and adapt your banners to the recipients when you are working on them, and this will make it more likely that they will share them on their own. If you do limit your receiver only to Francophones and implement well-made French banners and also limit your traffic at the same time, then you are certainly on the right track to getting a higher conversion rate. 

It’s impossible to check the platform’s costs per Browser, OS or Language. If you need to track this information, you can either split your campaigns or use a tracking platform.


One of the features which I like about this platform is its time-saving multiple upload options, by which you can select up to 10 banners at one go. But you can also prefer to give each banner a unique specific name by using them one by one. 

There are also various sizes that give you options to choose from. The majority of the sizes won’t fetch you traffic. As it won’t fetch you any traffic, I would recommend you to start exploring the most popular banners, and as you become experienced with them, you can explore the rest. 

The other banner settings seem familiar, but the ‘Display URL‘ box might be confusing. My advice would be to use a bunch of appealing URL addresses and adapt to each region so that you can get more conversions. 


Ero-Ads is both a bidding platform and creative studio that helps you make the most out of your ad campaigns by providing different bids for your ads as well as showing your current position in the SERPs. So, if you wish to drive traffic differently depending on a concrete ad, Ero-ads has come up with a solution that allows you to set a different bid for each ad that you have and shows your current


As your campaign is created and you have started making money, its time to optimize it further and get the best out of it. 

By checking the stats, you can get information about your campaign and banner performance for a particular period and interval. You can also filter by a group from the dropdown list of campaigns if you wish to do a quick post search.  

If you wish to search for details per campaign, you will find a “+” button which you can click to see the analysis details per campaign. After you are done with this, you can check the data per website. By clicking on the views amount and seeing the website and Adzone details by which, you can create a blacklist filter or white list at the same time. 

But here is a trick that I am sharing. The websites are excluded at the moment when you add them to the domain filter (blacklist); you will have to update the whitelist filter in the edit section of the campaign and save it. But it would continue running as RON, and I doubt anyone would be unpleasantly surprised whilst that checks your performance next time. 

Payment Rules of EroAdvertising

In the world of online adult content advertising, EroAdvertising is known for its generous bonus payments for content creators and its support of current payment services like PayPal and Paxum. Following are the conditions that need to be followed: 

Paxum – No charges are applied for any transfers made via Paxum.

PayPal – No charges are there for withdrawal via PayPal. But PayPal does by itself apply a 3-5% charge on any money received via its platform.

Wire (bank) transfer – No fee is taken to wire transfers. The only charges that are likely to be applied are by the bank whose account the money is received from. 

The transfer time for each of the mentioned payment types can vary from instantly to a few days. PayPal and Paxum are known to transfer your earnings as quickly as possible, often in a matter of hours. On the other hand, bank transfers can take anywhere from one to four business days.

The payments are processed every Monday afternoon between 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm CET. If you reach the €10 minimum payout on Sunday, you will be paid the following. If you are someone who has opted for the monthly program, then the payment would arrive on Monday, which follows a period of one month. 

Payment Proof of EroAdvertising

Payment Proof of Ero-Advertising

EroAdvertising Support 

Publishers have benefited from developing multi-language support sites over the past few years. They offer various ways to contact their customer care team, including phone, email, chat, and social media.

For a quicker response, you can go with the online chat option, which is a speedy service for anyone speaking Dutch, English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can expect a delay of 30 secondsPlus, you also have an option of Skype and email in which you can ask elaborate questions. 

You can head to the site’s FAQ section for answers to more typical questions or to the list of terms and conditions. 

EroAdvertising Terms and Conditions

Following is a list of requirements that I have found during the Eroadvertising review.  

  • There is actually no such guarantee over the availability of relevant ads. If there is a failure to fill the spots, that can lead to the placement of ‘alternative ads.’
  • Also, unlike some networks, there is no minimum traffic requirement. That gives an opportunity to even small publishers to start earning on the platform. But publishers need to be approved, which can take anywhere between 1-2 days.
  • No more than four ad codes on this platform are allowed on a single web page. Also, the site must contain some sort of content as it is obviously not just ads. 
  • Also, the Publishers should protect the personal privacy of their visitors. 
  • Ero-advertising does not permit content that is related to animal Pornography. 

Also, not all content is accepted on this platform. EroAdvertising explicitly names a list of forms that are not accepted to appear via ads. Following is the list: 

  • Illegal activities like content that lead to or are the consequences of abuse or exploitation or sexual conduct with animals and child content. 
  • Promotion or Sales of Drugs, Alcohol or any other related items. 
  • Hacking/cracking content
  • Promotion of illegal software, namely spyware, stealth dialers, and scareware.
  • Illegal activities like phishing, URL spoofing, SPAM, or SPIM.
  • Any content that is illegal promotes violating harmful rules or infringes on immoral morals.
  • Any Content that contains discrimination or violence of any sort.

Failing to meet these conditions could lead to the permanent or temporary removal of accounts and may result in a refusal to process payments.

EroAdvertising CPC Rates

Mainstream Traffic:

Ero-Advertising MainstreamBanner CPM

Adult Traffic:

Ero-Advertising MainstreamPopunder CPM

Best Alternatives of EroAdvertising 2022!

1. Wordads

Wordads is an SSP-based meditation ads network powered by the most Powerful people in the WordPress community, the automatic corporation. It allows anyone to host advertisements on their website without having to be knowledgeable about anything related to advertising or networking within the industry. This means that content creators can easily monetize their websites without investing money into building an advertising network.

Wordads offers a CPC of approx 0.01$ for every click for India (Tier 2) countries. While in Tier 1 counties, it pays approx .02-.05$ and .001$ to .01$ for tier 3 countries. Whereas the CPM of Wordads for tier 1 countries is approx 5-7$, 2-3$ for tier 2 countries and 1-2$ for tier 3 countries.

2. TrafficJunky

Canada’s leading adult advertising network, TrafficJunky, was established in 2008. It has the second-highest presence across the globe in terms of advertisers and is known to serve more than 20 billion Geo-targeted ads around the world. It has a unique basket of traffic that is Pornhub, like trafficstar. 

As a publisher, you can earn Traffic Junky share of 60% of revenue with its publisher. This is quite a revenue share that is high for the publishers. So approx, you can expect to get 0.003$ to .005$ per click and .02$ to .08$ on a CPM basis.

Pros and Cons of EroAdvertising


  • The minimum payout is delivered either weekly or monthly and is €10
  • High CPC or CPM in comparison to adult stream websites.
  • Good support is offered via Skype, online chat, and email
  • Offer back URLs to find a home for any traffic that goes unsold
  • Wide range of Ad types 


  • The CPM rates in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries is less 

EroAdvertising Referral Program

EroAdvertising Referral Program

Ero-Advertising has an active referral program that rewards publishers with a 10% revenue boost by placing banner ads on websites. Also, these are available in seven different languages, which can help you to target specific countries.

Top FAQ on EroAdvertising Review

What is EroAdvertising?

Ero-Advertising is a World Wide Web Site, which is an Adult Traffic Network that offers sales and support teams operating from various countries. This network has been designed for Publishers and Advertisers to reach their audience in their own language and culture.

What are the Benefits of EroAdvertising?

The following are the benefits for publishers:
1. You can partner with some of the most popular online brands
2. You can be almost sure to get regular communication from our highly responsive account management teams. You can keep up to date with the latest program news via email, forums, social networking platforms, telephone etc.
3. Receive regular payments

What are the types of campaigns offered by EroAdvertising?

You do get regular ad campaigns like CPM campaigns, RON campaigns, Flat rate etc. 

How soon will your Ad campaigns be approved by EroAdvertising?

While doing this EroAdvertising review, I did research and found that campaigns are reviewed in chronological order, and the speed is determined by the volume received at any given time. Also, the company requests you to be patient and only contact them if: 
1. Campaign(s) are currently paused and therefore do not appear in the “automatic awaiting approval queue.”
2. If Campaign(s) have been previously declined and you want to resubmit them again
3. You are requested to provide further information by the Customer Services Support team.

Can you buy Adzones exclusively?

Yes. You can buy Adzones exclusively based on time: a monthly flat rate doesn’t expire after several page impressions or clicks, but just by time. This offers you the flexibility to get more impressions or clicks compared to a CPC or CPM package.

How can you publish on your favorite site?

Well, there are three ways by which you can advertise on your favorite sites:
1. You can directly buy a spot from their publishers in our Marketplace.
2. You can set up targeted CPM campaigns.
3. You can also use an inclusive domain filter to assign a list of whitelisted sites to your RON campaign. If you set up this correctly, your advertisements will only appear on whitelisted websites.

Can EroAdvertising manage my campaigns for me?

When I did the EroAdvertising review, I did find that they do have well-balanced, experienced account managers who can help you create and maintain a more successful advertising solution for your product to monitor and deliver your campaign.
But before requesting help from their account managers, they have some qualifying conditions, which are as follows: 
1. Regular High funding is required of the account (At least 2k+ per month)
2. Worked with them for at least 2 months consecutively
3. Campaigns consistently meet Ero-Advertising guidelines

Can you use iFrame/HTML?

The use of iFrame / HTML is only restricted to a select group of highly valued Advertisers.
But before requesting the use of iFrame / HTML, they have some qualifying conditions, which are as follows:
1. Regular High funding is required of the account (At least 2k+ per month)
2. Worked with them for at least 6 months consecutively
3. Campaigns consistently meet Ero-Advertising guidelines

Can you change the currency of your EroAdvertising account?

You cannot change your currency settings unless you close your current account and open a new one, but the existing balance can be transferred over to the new account.

Is there a WordPress plugin to connect EroAdvertising?

While doing the Ero-Advertising review, I found that currently, it does not offer any type of plugin by which you can connect traffic stars with your WordPress website. 

What are the alternatives to EroAdvertising?

Ero-Advertising is a good advertising tool. But you can also have a look at alternatives like Trafficjunky, Clickadu, Clicksor, and Trafficstars.

Conclusion: EroAdvertising Review – Is it the best adult advertising network? 

After my comprehensive EroAdvertising review, I found it to be an attractive proposition for adult publishers who want to start monetizing their traffic at once. Their service is global, with support in over 200 countries and a customer service team that can be reached in multi-language via email, online chat, and Skype. They have also risen to become a leader in the industry. 

I also found many positive reviews for this adult advertising platform, and it can certainly be a great starting point for you to boost your revenue.